Tuesday, June 1, 2010

and I gotta say

Hey look! New things for a new month! We went shopping yesterday for my little sister since she's "graduating" from middle school this month and needed a dress. I had so much fun picking clothes out for her! She's not that into shopping or wearing skirts or dresses, so I ended up being the one pulling stuff out with our mum for her to try. And there were so many wonderful things in Forever 21 right now! So my wardrobe is probably super-saturated by things from there now.... A year ago, I wasn't really inspired by anything in the stores so this year I'm dying over everything. I was definitely in the shopping mood though, so I had to buy some things.... I stuck with smaller things though because I don't have much money right now, so I bought a few necklaces and a ring (and my mum agreed to buy me shorts since my sister was getting so much....). Isn't that elephant amazing??
everything from Forever 21
So it was my sister's birthday this weekend. We went to a movie (Prince of Persia) and then got cupcakes afterwards. The movie was good and appropriate for all of us; it wasn't the best movie ever, but I've always kind of like Jake Gyllenhaal. Before I saw the movie I definitely was a bit upset that they would choose a white actor to play the lead over a Middle Eastern actor. And I still think it would be more credible in my opinion after I've seen for myself. But at the same time, having a more well-known actor, even though he is white, that people can recognize from previous movies makes sense as well. I understand the producers' decisions for casting Jake Gyllenhaal (and his arms were to die for!) and all the interviews I've seen with him while promoting the movie are hilarious. So I'm just going to say that it was good movie for families and people who like blockbuster-style action movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The cupcakes were good too. They were a bit dry, though. And there was a lot of cupcake going on. I've had better cupcakes from cupcake shops that specialize in just cupcakes (from when I stayed with my best friend for a night during spring break). So they were okay. (I've never written 'cupcakes' so many times in my life.... cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes! haha!)

song of the day: Favorite day - Wonderful Smith

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