Wednesday, June 16, 2010

but we don't recognize the names upon these signs

Today was a day of errand running with my Mum. We went grocery shopping all afternoon and stopped at the car wash as well as picking up my brother and sister from school. Very busy! And of course, we ran into people we knew when we were at one of the stores we visited. It happens almost every time we go to the store. We live in such a small world! Even when I'm up at school, I feel like it's such a small world with all the random connections I make with people. It's kind of weird, but really cool at the same time.

It's my mum!
I used to always get a strawberry popsicle when I went to the car wash with my dad when I was growing up. So Mum and I were being semi-nostalgic today while we waited for the car. It wasn't the same kind of popsicle, but it was still good!

So we're having grilled chicken and pesto for dinner and then I'm watching The Hurt Locker with my dad. Whoo! Good things!

song of the day: Lost Coastlines - Okkervil River

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