Thursday, June 17, 2010

then I'll float to you, my darlin', with the evening on my tail

So this is one of my newer necklaces. I don't think I've worn it in outfit pictures yet... I meant to on Sunday, but it never happened. Anyway, it's a modified version of the original. It had an extra chain with a whole bunch of charms on it, but I really just wanted the pendant. So I took a pair of wire cutters to the unnecessary chain and voila! Newer necklace!

I took a whole bunch of pictures today after I got home from work, and I liked almost none of them. This one's my favorite and it was one of the last ones...

This weekend's going to be pretty good! Tonight I'm getting together with friends to watch the final game of the NBA Championships (Go Lakers!) and tomorrow we're all going out to lunch for my little sister's promotion from eighth grade (including my grandpa!). And then on Sunday it's Fathers' Day! So my dad's family is coming up for the afternoon and we're going to eat some great food!

song of the day: Candy - Paolo Nutini
pink tank top & dress from a small boutique on Balboa Island
skirt & necklace from Forever 21

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