Sunday, June 27, 2010

it only shines as bright as we are

So this is one of my new skirts! It's made out of a light denim fabric and it has pockets! I kind of have an affinity towards all different shades of blue. So it's kind of perfect! (The other skirt I got is also blue... but it's navy and more of a pencil skirt) The sweater might've been a little unnecessary because it's in the lower 80s today, but it was cooler this morning. It definitely warmed up though! Yay! I love SoCal!

As you can probably tell, I dyed my hair yesterday (like I said I would). I think it was mostly successful for my first solo dying, but I don't think it was as complete as if someone else did it. Oh well. I'm probably going to dye it a darker brown before school starts anyway.
We're taking the annual "family pictures" today in the front yard. So that means my older brother is home and playing video games with our younger brother on the main TV. And will be doing so until he leaves... I don't mind video games. I just don't enjoy watching my brothers play video games because there's nothing else to do and they're hogging the TV. It's not fun unless you're playing. And there's a TV in my brother's room that is just as good as the main TV. (Okay, it's old and not a big screen, but it's still a TV. There's no TV in the room I share with my sister.)

I'll probably go read outside in the hammock or something until it's time to take pictures while they play violent video games. I did buy a new book today after church. I'm gonna try and get a lot of reading done when we're at my grandparents' house this weekend. They don't have wireless internet, so it's a good idea to bring a book or two. We're definitely going to see Toy Story 3 at some point in time. And we'll probably show the foreign exchange students around and take them to the beach or something. But I'm looking forward to sitting on the patio under the canopy and reading for hours and hours.

High Horses - The Swell Season
Forever 21 skirt, necklace & sandals
Alloy cardigan
Target tank top

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