Friday, June 25, 2010

you can never get enough of this stuff

So can I just say that I love where I live? The weather's been awesome for the past month!

I got some new clothes in the mail this past week! I've definitely worn them, but have just been too lazy to document my outfits this week. And kind of too busy. Both yesterday and the day before I went from work directly to other functions and didn't get back until after nine o'clock.

I think I'm going to make strawberry bread tomorrow. I need to bake something.

I was supposed to go to lunch with my dad today. And I was kinda excited about it because I don't go to meetings with him for all the organizations that he's a part of (he's such a popular guy!). But then I woke up this morning with a terrible headache and just not feeling well. I even threw up for the first time in about 6-7 years (sorry about gross details...). So I didn't end up going with my dad. Or to the party one of my co-workers was having tonight either. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow.

In other news! Our foreign exchange students are coming this week! And we're going to my grandparents' house for the 4th! And I finally get to see Toy Story 3 when we're down there too! Exciting things coming up!

Friday I'm In Love - The Cure

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