Thursday, June 10, 2010

seal the urge which ensues

Today was my first day at my new summer job! I wore this:

Very professional and appropriate, no? It was really funny 'cause it's the same office that my mum works at, so all her coworkers already kinda knew me from pictures and stuff. I got a lot of compliments on my outfit and my hair color too. But it was kinda weird being the new kid that everyone knew because of my mum. And Mum has a tendency to talk and talk and talk to people. So she mentioned my slight lack of longer skirts to people.... Oh Mum.... But it was a pretty good, easy-ish day.

I made chocolate chip muffins!

I keep having these weird baker moods since I got home almost a month ago. And they normally hit later at night. So of course my mum hasn't been very pleased with me making cookie dough at 11:00pm.... It's not my fault I want cookie dough so late at night and we don't have any, though. But I made these babies at 8:00pm! Just in time for So You Think You Can Dance? (it's been a not-so-guilty pleasure every summer for about four years now)!

Song of the day: I Gave You All - Mumford & Sons
yellow polka dot ruffle blouse from Forever 21
skirt from my trip to Paris a few years ago
Alloy belt

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