Tuesday, June 15, 2010

things are looking up!

I'm not angry. It was just really bright...

Pictures didn't really go as planned today... I'm not really satisfied with any of them. I definitely liked this outfit though! So it's all okay, I suppose. The dress fits really well though. And it's the perfect length for work. The straps are a bit weird though. They're just a little bit to far apart. Other than that, it's a perfect dress that's light and summery, but in black, so it'll transition well to fall and winter.

Work is going well. And I'm having ice cream with a friend tomorrow since I'm not working tomorrow. This week is turning out pretty well and I'm excited for some of the things that are going to happen. So life's going fairly well right now. Hooray!

song of the day: Looking Up - Paramore
black swiss dot dress from Target
red cardigan & elephant necklace from Forever 21

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