Saturday, June 5, 2010

ain't too proud to beg to be your woman yesterday on a midnight train to Georgia

Last night was the last choir concert of the year at my old high school. My brother's in the chamber choir, so I obviously had to go even more. It felt so strange to be back in the auditorium and be sitting in the audience. I was in choir all four years of high school, so it was a first to watch it from the other side of the stage. But they did a pretty good job this year and I was very proud of the people I knew who had solos. There were also some really funny moments during the concert and it was really entertaining!

The theme was Motown, so there were a lot of Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight songs. The highlights were an a cappella version of Yesterday by some of the boys in the chamber choir, If I Were Your Woman by one of the seniors with my little brother and three other guys as her back-up dancers with some really funny, but awkward, dance moves in pink vests and bowties, a cappella versions of I Wish, Ain't Too Proud to Beg, and Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours by the chamber choir, Midnight Train to Georgia featuring the choir director (because she's leaving at the end of the year to get her PhD in conducting), and For Once in My Life with a solo section featuring a fake German accent and maracas (with choreography).

The stage lights had a tendency to wash people out a lot so I didn't get very many good pictures while the lights were up. But I really liked the pictures I got during group transitions when the main lights were down. My favorites are probably the first and last pictures. They also happened to be two of the best "solo" performances of the night. Haha! Go figure!

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