Tuesday, June 29, 2010

forget your court date

Yet another day of work over and done with. I don't know if work is the cause, but I have a serious kink going on in my back right now. I need a back massage! Maybe one of our exchange students will be good at giving back rubs and I can convince them to give me one...

Look who showed up! Can you tell that I absolutely adore my dogs? They're the greatest! I'm definitely a dog person!

So I'm seeing a trend with my clothes lately. Forever 21, Forever 21, Forever 21... A lot of the pieces I have from Forever 21 are a couple years old and have been in my wardrobe as actively rotated pieces. But I've also been buying a lot of newer pieces recently as well. I don't really mind - it's affordable and there's a fairly good variety to choose from. But I think I might have to shop at other stores this summer just to mix things up a bit. It's totally doable now that I have a steady job for the whole summer too. I saw a lot of really nice things at Urban Outfitters the last time I was there...

Yea Yeah - Matt & Kim
gray flats from Target
everything else from Forever 21

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