Thursday, December 31, 2009

May Your Days be Merry

I went to see Sherlock Holmes last night with the youth group from my church. I was technically the only college student there who wasn't a leader, but that's okay. I wanted to see the movie and they're all my friends anyway. And I had fun at The Americana. It's like Disneyland in the middle of my hometown. It's the sister shopping center to The Grove in LA. I like it to just hang out on Sundays after church because of the window shopping and the fact that they pipe in Frank Sinatra over the speakers year round. It's quite picturesque.

(Caroline took this picture)

(Austin took this one too. that's why it's blurry....)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bring out your Trump!

I come from a family that plays cards. My dad's parents play cards and there was always a game of double solitaire going on at my mum's family's cabin growing up. On the annual ski trip we always play Black Jack or Canasta with my grandparents. Whenever we get together with my dad's family, it seems like there's always a game of Canasta going on. I learned how to shuffle and play almost all the card games I know from my family. A few years ago, my mum brought home Wizard. We've been playing it ever since. The other day, Mum told me she was going to go see Nine with her friends for "girls' night." I wanted to see it so I tagged along. We ended up playing Wizard with her friends (who play it all the time and are Wizard masters) for a few hours and then watched It's Complicated. Surprisingly, I won the first round by about 30 points. I wasn't expecting anything out of the game, I just played like I always play (although I do fairly well all the time when we play with just my family). It was kinda ridiculous. I stopped paying that much attention the second round though and lost horribly. But I got some good pictures out of it and maybe someone to come with me to my dad's company New Years Day party to watch the Rose Parade, so it's okay.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Play Pretend Between the Trees

Yesterday I went shopping with my family and bought a new coat. It's really cute and I'm quite happy. There'll be pictures of that later when I'm back at school and the weather calls for it....

I would totally wear this all the time! Except that it's a little kids' rain coat and was just a little too small and it doesn't really ever rain in Spokane. And it was just a bit too light to wear as a normal coat at school now anyway. But it's so adorable!!!

My mum bought me 500 Days of Summer!!!! We watched it when we got home too. I love love love love(!) this movie!!!!

And then I went out to lunch with my friend Rachel today. The cafe that we were going to go to was closed at the time so we went somewhere else. We had a great lunch and caught up on the past few months. It was a good, sunny day.

Sunday Details: sweater, ring, & necklace-Forever21, shoes-Blowfish, purse-Target
Monday Details: top, belt, & purse-Target, skirt-Urban Outfitters, necklace & ring-Forever21, tights-American Apparel (from my older brother), shoes-borrowed from my younger sister

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a Glorious Feeling!

Today was a good day.

It started with chocolate chip pancakes. Good Things.

Continued with Bright Young Things. I really liked it. But I missed the first 10 minutes. I need to watch it again all the way through.

And lots of choral music. (I sang in every single CD....)

Did some Facebooking.... Okay, lots of Facebooking....
(new purse I got for Christmas)
Then I went to Sally's house to watch movies and show off Marcus.
Austin wore the same shoes as me. His feet are huge.... or just really big compared to mine....
We watched The Hangover. Love that movie!

Singing in the Rain was on TV when I got home. Guess who recorded it??

"Moses Supposes"

Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor are my absolute favorites! My dad thinks it's awesomely funny that I know who they are. So I like old movies with great actors and dancing. So do a lot of people. Even people my age.

I love the costumes in this movie. Especially this sweater. And this song. I sing "Good Morning" all the time. Actually, I'm just in love with this whole movie in general. It's a favorite. :]

Donald O'Connor.... *sigh*

See? Perfect day.