Monday, December 28, 2009

Play Pretend Between the Trees

Yesterday I went shopping with my family and bought a new coat. It's really cute and I'm quite happy. There'll be pictures of that later when I'm back at school and the weather calls for it....

I would totally wear this all the time! Except that it's a little kids' rain coat and was just a little too small and it doesn't really ever rain in Spokane. And it was just a bit too light to wear as a normal coat at school now anyway. But it's so adorable!!!

My mum bought me 500 Days of Summer!!!! We watched it when we got home too. I love love love love(!) this movie!!!!

And then I went out to lunch with my friend Rachel today. The cafe that we were going to go to was closed at the time so we went somewhere else. We had a great lunch and caught up on the past few months. It was a good, sunny day.

Sunday Details: sweater, ring, & necklace-Forever21, shoes-Blowfish, purse-Target
Monday Details: top, belt, & purse-Target, skirt-Urban Outfitters, necklace & ring-Forever21, tights-American Apparel (from my older brother), shoes-borrowed from my younger sister

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