Friday, December 25, 2009

Fun for all that children call their fav'rite time of year....

So today, as many know, was Christmas Day. (I don't know who would be reading this post and not know that it was Christmas.... unless they were Rip Van Winkle or something, that is) Anyway, this is what I did all day.

(probably my favorite Christmas ornament from when I went to see the Nutcracker in like fourth grade)

(LOOK!!!! Marcus! Finally! (Sorry, Lysander, but I won't be needing you as much anymore....))

(my older brother showed up around 10:00)
(this happened for about 5 hours....)

(all dressed up for Christmas Dinner with my grandparents)

(this is called Pre-Dinner. it is its own meal.)

(so after hours of watching my brothers play with the new XBox 360, I had the distinct pleasure of watching football with my dad and grandpa since there wasn't much else to do.... I really wanted to watch It's a Wonderful Life and get all nostalgic from when I was little, but, y'know, boys rule the TV in my family.... oh well, I got to watch most of White Christmas yesterday)

(we normally have lasagna for Christmas Dinner, but my mom decided today to change it up, so we had pasta casserole.... or something like that. It was good, but I miss lasagna.)

(my family)
(and then we broke out the poppers as per tradition - they all came with little whistles and numbers so you can play songs with them, which is pretty awesome.)

(the actual music making didn't really work out, but it was fun none-the-less. Austin and I both had a go at "conducting." Guess who was more successful?)

(look at that face! priceless.)
(for some reason, they all wore plaid flannel shirts today. so, of course, I sang the Lumberjack Song from Monty Python all day whenever my dad walked into a room.... good things.)
(family picture! (even in my abnormally white family, I manage to be the palest of them all.... ridiculous.))
(and then Austin played more video games....)
(and Taylor snagged my laptop to do whatever it is he did....)

And that ends my Christmas. I've got another week before I head back up to school. I didn't get any of the clothes that I mentioned earlier this month. Oh well. I found a cheaper coat at Forever21 on Sunday, so I'm probably going to get that this Sunday after church. And then maybe save the rest of the money I have left for later college excursions. Or books. I love being a poor college student!.... (Lies.) But then again, Sherlock Holmes AND The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus came out today. And I'll probably have coffee (minus the coffee) or dinner with friends all this week. So the chances of me going back up to school with any more money than what I came down with are very slim. Ugh. I really need a job next semester. Hopefully that'll happen.
Details: necklace & leggings-Forever21, sweater dress-technically Forever21, but my mum got it at a garage sale a few years back (and the necklace was a present from my cousin that I got last night)

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