Friday, December 4, 2009

change is good

Ta-da! New haircut! My bangs were getting too long and I wanted a new change. So while I was trimming one of my room mate's hair on Wednesday, I just decided "what the heck!" and cut myself a new set of full bangs. So far everyone likes them, so I guess I did a good job. I normally wouldn't cut them like this myself and the last time that I did it didn't turn out quite to my liking. But I think it was fairly successful. And, yet again, I've been cooped up in my room doing homework. I think I need to branch out to other venues - get a change of scenery.

(study study study.... plus facebook....)
(my room mate makes pop tab bracelets so I came back from Thanksgiving and this beauty was sitting on my desk. awesome.)

it's all in the details.... shirt-Target, cardigan and locket-Forever21, jeans-Pacsun
(from yesterday)

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