Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome to Pandora, Ladies and Gentlemen

I went and saw Avatar today with my little brother. I knew it'd be good based off of the trailers I've seen and what people have been saying about it. And my little brother was so excited about it when I came home on Saturday since he'd just seen it. He seriously turned to me in the middle of dinner and said "We're seeing it on Tuesday." So we went. And it was AMAZING! I'm normally not much of a sci-fi person, but everything was so well put together and the 3D didn't hurt my eyes or give me a headache like movies like that normally do. There were a few previews in 3D before the movie started and it was kinda messing with my brain during those. But the actual movie was really nice with the 3D effects. People should go see it. It was definitely worth the time and money to see it, even in 3D. And I'm glad I got to spend time with my brother just the two of us. He's been pretty great since I got back.
(sometimes I hate the prices of everything in California.... $12.50 for a matinee is outrageous, even if it is in 3D and an awesome movie. I'm not regretting it yet, but maybe later when I don't have as much money....)
(3D glasses! don't look directly into the sun with them on, though. I've done it. bad idea....)

(hanging out at Starbucks after the movie to be picked up to go home)
(Peach Tea Snapple, my love!!!)

Details: dress & shirt-Forever21, tights-American Apparel via my older brother, cardigan-Alloy

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