Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sitting. Waiting. Wishing.

Okay, so this is my Christmas Wish List of sorts.. It's basically what I need this year - clothes. Like warm clothes. Because January can be kinda brutal up here. And I love clothes. So this is mainly what I'll be asking for from my family aside from a new camera. So I'm not really expecting all of this. The grey coat from Alloy and the boots from are what I basically have been drooling over since school started in September.... Oh and these corduroys from Delia's too. I've been keeping my eye on these for a while too. That's mainly what I want. And all the pieces from Forever21 because they're really not that expensive and I think they're adorable and perfect for the weather up here. Actually, I kinda basically need everything. I picked all of them because I knew I'd wear them multiple times and would get a lot of use out of them. And I can think of at least 5 ways to wear almost all of them. And I'm not growing anymore. I'd wear them for years. They're pretty basic items. But that's what I need right now. I would definitely die if I got these shoes in black from Urban Outfitters too. I'm in love with them. They're fantastic.

In other news, my last final is tomorrow and then I'm off to the sunny suburbs of Southern California. My best friend is coming home from college that day too and we're going to catch up on the last 4 months apart and watch the Brave Little Toaster at her house. It's been kinda strange over the past day or so around campus though. People have already been leaving since Wednesday. Campus feels deserted.... Hayley just left today so it's going to be kinda strange watching movies in the Man Cave tonight without her. I miss her already. Spending about 2 weeks away from everyone is going to be kinda strange since I'm so used to just having people around at all times. That's basically how conversations have been going today. Everyone from my dorm has basically become my mini-family up here. I'm going to be texting people from school all break and talking with them incessantly on Facebook. Well, back to studying for my math final....

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