Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Springtime in December

It was sunny, yet cool today. Actually, it was quite warm compared to Spokane. It was only chilly-feeling because of the wind. Aside from the lack of leaves in abundance and general green, you'd almost confuse it for March instead of December. God, I love California! So that's why I dug around my drawers feeling nostalgic about all the clothes I left at home and ended up wearing "spring-y" clothes. The top's really light and flow-y, but it's still in a cool pallet that kinda fits in with winter enough that it worked today.

So I'm finally getting around to wrapping my younger brother's Secret Santa gift tonight. I took his shoes out of the packaging it was shipped in and laughed. They look so big! Granted, he has much bigger feet than me. But I didn't realize they were that much bigger than mine. I couldn't help trying them on for myself.

They felt so big on my feet! I felt like a goose walking around the house. The shoes were about 2-3 inches too big. Don't they look ridiculous on me?? He's going to love them. I'm so excited for tomorrow night when we exchange presents! Oh, my goodness! Tomorrow's CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! Excitement!
Details: top-Forever21, leggings-Target, flats-Blowfish via Famous Footwear, cardigan-Alloy, men's grey moccasins-Urban Outfitters

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