Sunday, December 13, 2009

a last hurrah

Yesterday was quite eventful. I was very much expecting it to be dull and full of homework. I kind of forgot that I had a ticket for the choir Christmas concert though. So we left at 6:00 to get there a little early before it started at 7:00. However, the directions we were given were wrong. It was quite an adventure.... But we made it on time and that's all that matters.

(texting for new directions)

And then we went to Walmart to get cookie dough and other food (like eggs, cheese and bread to make real food after we got back). But, as it's always the case whenever we go to Walmart, we ended up goofing around and taking pictures of random things.

(pile o' Hot Wheels)
(apparently, Walmart doesn't sell cool fish because there were none in this tank....)
(our Walmart adventure ended in a broom fight between Hayley and me.)

Then we went back to campus and explored the tunnels underneath our dorm and then made eggs and toast at midnight and then hung out talking in the downstairs lounge with a whole bunch of people while Horton Hears a Who was playing on the TV. We also drank sparkling cider and watched a pipe burst in the dorm next door. It was quite a good night. Kind of a good "pre-Finals last hurrah" before the madness ensues this week.

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