Saturday, December 12, 2009

welcome to Finals

So. Goal of this week is to survive my first official finals of college without any major injuries. For some classes, this should be fairly easy to do. For others, it could be the death of me. Not to be depressing or anything. Some things that I have to do will result in copious amounts of stress and a distinctive lack of sleep. I could lose my mind with everything that has to be accomplished for my first two finals (on the same day....). At least when one's mind gets misplaced, one is normally a bit more cheerful and carefree. That might be a bit nice. And the even better thing about finishing this could-be hellish week is that I get to go home for Christmas break at the end of it! Good food, good friends, good rest. All good things. So that's the pot of gold at the end of my not-so-beautiful rainbow. But who know. I could be pleasantly surprised by how un-awful it all could be.

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