Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chinese History and Earl Grey Tea

This is my study area that I took over tonight. The studying has been good and the productivity fairly plentiful. All I have left is finishing up my History research paper. And I can technically put the finishing touches on it tomorrow between my Reading and History finals before I print it off in the library. I already finished the research paper for my reading class earlier today and the other two papers for that class tonight. Those are all printed off and waiting to be turned in at 8:00 tomorrow morning. I'm quite excited. My professor's going to have scones and tea for us in the morning. I love when I get free food out of exams! A nice way to start out my week of finals. So now I'm just studying for my History final from my notes and working on my research paper. I'm not sure when I'm going to be done though. I might end up staying up all night. Good thing I'm comfortable and have a stock of food and tea to keep me awake. It's actually been an okay night of studying and writing papers. I'm not as stressed as I thought I'd be. Awesome.

(my trusty sunflower mug)

(a picture on the side of my "Finals Survival Kit".... I'm quite glad it hasn't gotten to that point for me yet....)

(3rd cup of tea tonight)
(random squirt guns in the lounge)
(it's been snowing since 8:00pm tonight)

(just some of my History notes....)

(yep, those are definitely giraffe pajama shorts)

("what a virtuous woman!")

(my professor taught us how to insult someone in Chinese.... such a good class!)

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