Tuesday, December 8, 2009

living ice sculpture

I have never ever ever been in single-digit weather. This is very weird for me. But I think after a certain temperature, my body has just started registering it as "freezing" so I don't wear more than about three layers when I go outside because it's all the same now. I'm still cold, but as long as I keep my hands in my pockets and my ears covered, I'm okay. But I keep forgetting to grab a hat on my way out. So my ears freeze. But otherwise, I think I'm coping fairly well. It's the English and Scottish heritage pulling through for me I think.

(I've been on my phone a lot recently. it's kinda strange since I can go for days without really using it. but that's Fiona. she serves me well.)
(I've been wearing my Converse a lot more recently. for a long time I just wore Vans. but I like the look of long jeans and Chuck Taylors right now. it makes me feel like a ratty college student. and I study on the floor in my room. I don't like desks....)

(it's a Pandora day. lot's of Iron & Wine, Death Cab for Cutie, and Damien Rice love going on in my ears. "Farewell" by Rosie Thomas was playing right then. sooo good!)
details: scarf & grey long-sleeved shirt-Forever21, jeans-Pacsun, pink shirt-JCPenny, Converse-generic shoe store back home

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