Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Look who got back from the groomers' all clean and trimmed! He's so cute now that he has a buzz all over and you can see his markings better. He looks like a puppy! And apparently he did really well and the groomers loved him. I'm so proud! But Tessa was freaking out without him, so Mum and I brought her to go pick up Toby when he was done. They were adorable when they were finally reunited after a few hours apart. Aw!

It's not a really awesome outfit today. I needed to be comfortable and wear something that could get kinda dirty. My dogs shed a lot, so I'm covered in dog hair right now. They don't get to go in the car very often except for when they go to the vet. So they were both kind of anxious while I held them. I kind of miss being at school right now because I didn't have to deal with animal hair on my clothes.... But I love my dogs too much to be really mad.

Oh! And I have a job! Yay! I start tomorrow and will be training for the next week or so to learn all the ins and outs of what I'll be doing all summer. I'm really excited! But I need more "office-appropriate" attire (longer skirts and more appropriate blouses).... I have a few things that will work for a while, but I need to buy some stuff to survive the whole summer. I've been exploring the Forever 21 website for ideas today. I just need money. I think my first paycheck might be going towards new clothes for work. Which I'm okay with.... Haha! I'm so happy! Yay!
song of the day: Wonderwall - Cat Power
choir shirt from high school
Alloy belt
Target skirt

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