Friday, May 28, 2010

see the clouds are creeping towards the sun

I've kind of been living in this outfit for the past few days. It's just so comfortable and light and easy to throw on. It's perfect for this time of year as it gets hotter and hotter but still rains on occasion (like yesterday).

The past few days have been a little weird though. It's been warm-ish for Southern California, but the sun's been pretty washed out or hidden by the clouds. It'll come out sometimes, but for the most part the weather's been kind of iffy.

But it's my little sister's fourteenth birthday today! After school gets out for the summer down here, my family will be completely done with middle school! I feel like everyone's growing up so fast! I can't keep track of my younger cousin's ages anymore. It's just all so weird! Time flies by so quickly!

song of the day: Towards the Sun - Alexi Murdoch
Alloy sweater & belt
Forever 21 dress & sandals

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