Thursday, May 6, 2010

you thought by now you'd be so much better

This morning was a bit hectic for me, so I needed to throw on something easy. Please note that "something easy" for me entails a skirt.... a skirt that is a bit impractical for weather in the upper 40s.... But to be honest, I've found skirts over the past two years to be exceedingly easy to just throw on and instantly look cute and be comfortable for the day. Sometimes jeans are just too confining.

A good a-line type skirt can be perfect for days like today when I had about five minutes to throw clothes on before class. And a nice, comfortable skirt that isn't very confining or restricts much movement is perfect for sitting on the floor and doing homework. The black skirt I wore yesterday is not one of those skirts, so the contrast between yesterday and today's skirts has been quite welcome.

So today marked the last classes for my history and Shakespeare classes. It feels so weird. I've finished courses and had these kinds of days last semester and during Jan Term, but it feels different. Probably because last semester ended around the same time as the schools back home let out for winter break and I was taking a two week vacation like my brother and sister. Now I'm ending school for the summer half-way through May (seven more days tomorrow!) and going home to find a job while my brother and sister are still in school for about another month. I'm not coming back to this same room with the same people in two weeks. I'm coming back in three months to a new environment and a new schedule. And I have to pack up my whole room and move out after my last final next friday. I've never had to move right after school let out for summer and put things in storage to put into a new room a few months later. It feels so strange.

Newer news for today: I just ordered a new skirt today (I might be obsessed with skirts. I just got one in the mail less than a month ago. But this one is going to my house, so I'll get it in the mail when I get home. Sort of a welcome home present to myself....). AND my mum's going to be here in a week to help me pack up and move out! I can't wait to see her! I sent her a "card" for Mothers' Day in the mail on Tuesday, but it'll be great to see her in person. And then I'll be home a few days later and I'll get to watch movies with my dad and my best friend and hang out with my puppies while my little brother and sister go to school.... and look for a job.... But one step at a time.
Urban Outfitters skirt
With Honest Eyes band shirt
(from their show in Seattle - my friend Caleb's their drummer)
Target flats

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