Sunday, May 9, 2010

the little tomboy that could

At dinner, I was told that I was cute, as in little-tomboy-who-is-forced-to-wear-a-dress-to-church-but-is-still-going-to-run-around-with-the-boys-outside-and-get-dirty cute because of my choice of shoes. That totally describes my cousin to a T when we were little. She hated dresses and wore cargo shorts under them when her mum forced her into them for Easter or parties. I was a lot more willing to dress up in cute little dresses, although I did run around with the other kids a lot too. To be honest, I just grabbed the shoes on top of the pile and threw them on before dinner, but I guess it works. I don't know about the whole five-year-old tomboy aspects of it, but that's okay. Did you notice that the dress has POCKETS??? That and the braiding are my favorite parts of this dress. The color's really nice too. I wish it was a little shorter, but I AM a really short person to begin with.
Urban Outfitters dress
Forever 21 tank top & orange sweater
Converse Chuck Taylors

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