Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Study-Fest Spring 2010!

Last night was the beginning of what I like to call "Study-Fest Spring 2010." The venue for last night's festivities was "the Love Den," my friends' common room down the hall.
And then I moved to my room when my computer started to die a few hours later....

As you can see, there was studying and some.... not studying.... There's always fun times in the Love Den!

Well, I've finished one final and have one more to go today. I still have studying to do. And I am currently running on about 2 & 1/2 hours of sleep! I look just a bit haggard....

Today's song came on my iTunes the other night while we were studying and seems fitting for this past year. Especially this week as I'm less than 5 days and 3 finals away from being done with school until September. Yay!
So the song for today (although it might not keep me awake....): The Freshmen - Jay Brannan
And if you need to be kept awake like I do for the rest of the day, this might wake you up a bit as well: She Brought the Dance Floor - With Honest Eyes ('cause it's always good to support friends and a little bit of screaming never hurt anyone....)

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