Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a little busybody

Today is cleaning/packing and studying day! It feels so overwhelming how much needs to get done in the next few days before I move out of my room. The first people in my dorm left today. It's so strange to see their rooms (that won't be their rooms anymore) stripped of their things and just so bare. I took almost all of the pictures/posters off my walls today as one of my first steps and now they seem so empty. I don't like it.

But I only have two more days at school after today! And my mum's going to be here tomorrow night! And only two more finals! I'm really excited but sad at the same time. All I can do is look forward to next year and spending my last days with my friends. Hayley and I are going to get one last pizza of the year tomorrow for lunch, and I've made plans to hang out with friends tonight, and have one last "tea party" with another friend and Hayley tomorrow night. And we're planning something special for dinner tomorrow night too. I'm going to miss all my friends and the girls from my hall so much this summer!
Forever 21 blouse & sandals
Urban Outfitters skirt
navy blue Target leggings
song of the moment: Go Do - Jonsi

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