Monday, May 24, 2010

picturesque junk yard

Check it out! New clothes! I bought the shirt the other day after months and months of searching for one. I was so excited when I saw it on the rack! It took forever! And my mum gave me the skirt today before she left for work. She'd gotten one like it in blue for my sister, but she didn't like it. So when I asked my sister why she didn't like it, she said she doesn't like skirts. It kinda blew my mind. How can you not like skirts?? They're fantastic! Oh well. She's still young. I didn't wear clothes like this when I was her age.

I bought new nail polish yesterday too. I really like the color. It's subtle and cute and light. Perfect for summer!

I really like this spot. It's cramped and I have to figure out how to not cut my legs off below my knees in pictures, but I really like the bit of fence in out side yard with the lattice work on the top. I'm not sure what exactly it's for, but I like it. It's kind of like a mini picturesque junk yard back there! I'm really liking being back home because of all the options I have for outfit pictures just in my back yard. It's not as green and full of plant life as I wish it was sometimes, but it has interesting aspects. And it always looks better in the sun!

And I made peanut butter cookies today! I really like baking and making cookies from scratch. I made chocolate chip cookies last week. I think I might need to make it a weekly thing for the rest of the summer. Maybe I'll try snickerdoodles next week! I just need to look up more recipes and make sure we have everything to make then before I start more baking projects.

Forever 21 navy and white striped shirt & nail polish
Target skirt & flats

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