Wednesday, May 19, 2010

and I say "it's alright"

Look! Sun! It finally decided to make a real appearance today. So I decided to take pictures in my back yard to show off where I live. As you can see, I have a pool. It's too cold to swim in right now, but it's warming up a bit. We don't really use the pool do much anymore, though. It's too cold most of the time to use since we don't heat it and it can just get too busy during the summer to consciously decided to go swimming.

I also got a new skirt when I came home on Sunday night. I'd ordered it the week before, so it was waiting for me when I got home. New clothes make me so happy!

My dogs were hanging out with me in the backyard today. Well, Tessa always hangs out in the backyard running laps around the pool and chasing after birds. But Toby followed me outside and they both came in when I did and are watching a movie with me now. They're such good dogs. I missed them so much when I was at school.

song of the day: Here Comes the Sun - the Beatles
Forever 21 skirt & sandals
Alloy cardigan
Target top

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