Monday, May 3, 2010

windy days, scarves and band-aides

It's super windy today! I was planning on wearing a skirt today, but that plan was pushed to tomorrow or the next day because of the weather. I'm getting paranoid of falling tree branches! That wouldn't be fun.... So jeans it was!

I cut my finger yesterday! I was popping lenses out of 3D glasses and one attacked me. Neopsporin and Transformers band-aides to the rescue! Maybe I'll get a cool scar on my finger now.... hm.... Haha! That'd be cool.
Also! Perfect windy day song to listen to: Casimir Pulaski Day by the ever-wonderful Sufjan Stevens. Try it.
And finally, exactly 2 weeks from today, I will be done with finals and back at home for the summer! And maybe digesting a wonderful, well-developed food baby from a welcome back dinner at BJs, pazookie definitely included. I'm quite excited! But before that can happen, I have a Shakespeare paper due tomorrow and another paper due on Wednesday and four finals to get through next week. Oh boy. But my mum is sending me a finals "survival" package in the mail today with lots of food for the elusive study hermit that I will become. Quite excited!
Target belt, flats, & long-sleeved henley
Alloy scarf
PacSun jeans
Forever 21 coat

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