Friday, May 7, 2010

you don't stop

So my hair's in this awkward transitional phase between full bangs and side bangs. They need at least another half inch. Until then, they will be pinned back or braided so that I don't have to deal with them.

On another note, I think I should've worn black flats instead of the gray ones.... But I've been wearing them since 8:45 this morning when I walked out the door to go to class this morning. So whatever.

Tonight and tomorrow night should be really fun. There's a showcase of performing arts classes tonight that some of my friends are in and I have a hall activity tonight too. (We're going to Shari's to get milkshakes and stuff. Can you say chocolate malt and french fries?? Heck yes.) My dorm is also having an end-of-the-year BBQ tonight. (Whoo! No Saga food tonight!) And tomorrow night I'm ushering (meaning passing out programs and then staying for free!) for a performance of Midsummer Night's Dream by the Seattle Shakespeare Company. Extra fun stuff!

The rest of the weekend will consist of cleaning and laundry and studying for finals. And then.... finals. And then SUMMER!!! Staying focused on the fun stuff.

song suggestion for the day: Rapper's Delight - The Sugarhill Gang
Black shirt from Forever 21
Alloy tights
Target flats
skirt acquired in Paris

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