Thursday, August 5, 2010

life as an only child

Just some things from the past few weeks. The first three are from when we went to the Science Center and downtown for the afternoon. The fourth is from a Shakespeare in the Park event that I went to with my Mum and brother that quite a few friends were in. And the last is on the freeway on the way... somewhere. There was a blimp and the city was really clear that evening.

This week's been pretty good so far. I got paid, so obviously I have clothes coming in the mail... But I've also been an "only child" since Tuesday (my younger siblings are at church camp withe the youth group), so it's been really quite and relaxing. And I've gone and seen movies with my parents the past few nights. My new phone came the other day too! I am now the proud new owner of a shiny Blackberry Curve and I adore it! So much better than my last phone! I'm also getting a well-overdue hair cut tomorrow. I'm getting a trim and going back to full bangs. So ready for another hair change. I'm probably going to dye it back to brown before the month's up too. I want to go back to as close to my natural hair color as I possibly can before school. Although it might be a richer, darker brown than before. We'll see. It's still a few weeks off before I make the final decision.

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