Saturday, August 21, 2010

on the open road

Just some photos from the drive home. Almost nine hours in a car is a long time! Well, compared to the almost twenty-four I spent driving home for Spring Break with friends in an even smaller car, not really. But for my family it's quite a bit of work.

I ended up sleeping for most of the first half, but the second half we had a Batman marathon with both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. So no sleeping for that! I really like car trips though. Especially in California. You can drive through so many different types of terrain just in this one state! It's one of my favorite parts. I pretty much just love long car trips in general. My best friend and I were talking last week about them and there might be plans of a big one after we're done with college. I love road trips!

from Batman Begins

from The Dark Knight

Look what we came home to last night! :

Good news is it's already been taken care of. We haven't had a black widow show up in a long time. The web was huge too! I was kind of freaking out, but my dad was having issues with my camera when he tried to take a picture, so I had to kind of suck it up and stick my camera lens right up in it's face... At least the red hourglass came out nicely...

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