Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm not the world's best artist. I mean, I'm pretty good at doodling and I've taken art classes before. But I have a tendency to disproportion things or make them look fairly unrealistic. There's a reason why I prefer photography and music as my artistic mediums. But when I'm bored at work and have nothing to do towards the end of the day, I draw on sticky notes.

Yesterday was a weird work day with what I had to do in the office. But towards the end of the day, as per usual, I began to get bored. I'd already drawn my phone and I needed something else to draw. So I went through the few pictures I've taken on my phone and landed on this one:

And this is what happened (please don't laugh too hard...):

There are some imperfections (I can't do hands to save my life, so they end up blobby and malformed...), but overall you can see the resemblances... sorta. I'm gonna go with artistic interpretation on this one and be happy that I didn't make our faces short and fat, even though my brother's is a bit off kilter... I feel like it's a bit like the picture from Napoleon Dynamite that he draws to ask a girl to the dance... "It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip."

Anyway! Can you see the family resemblance between my brother and I in the original?? We have the same eyes (the reason for the original picture). He and I look the most alike in our family, but my brothers and I actually have very similar noses and eye and brow shapes (my older brother has brown eyes instead of green though). We're not sure about my little sister, but she hasn't fully grown into her face yet to see big similarities. It took until a few years ago to see them between my older brother and me, after all.

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