Friday, August 20, 2010

watching the tide roll away

This is what I wore to the Shakespeare Festival last night. Even though we were sitting on the sand, I still wanted to wear something nice instead of the shorts and sweats I've been wearing around the cabin mostly.

Our cabin has been in the family for a few generations now. It's old and creaky, but we have our own private beach and dock. Because it's a mountain lake, it's always really cold though. So we don't go swimming much. But it's definitely great for pictures and watching the sunset. My toes were freezing though!

I was planning on taking these photos on the dock by myself, but my little brother followed me down. He likes photography and taking pictures with my camera when he can snag it from me, so I offered to take some cool ones of him if he took these for me. He definitely learned his lesson about not cutting off my feet, though, like last time! I think he'll do well in the photography class that he's taking this year in school.
dress & belt - Target
cardigan - Forever 21

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