Tuesday, August 24, 2010

neverending summer

I don't think any of these photos are in focus... Oops...

Welcome to my front yard! It's been in the 100s for the past few days, so all the plants are dying. I really like how the whole summer up until now has been very mild and cool, and now that it's almost over, we're getting the "summer" weather. It's like it will never end! Oh wait. This is Southern California; it doesn't really end anyway... Good thing my office has air conditioning!

And my house is in the process of being repainted, so my usual spot for photos is a bit inaccessible at the moment...

So I dug this dress out of my closet today. It was just a whim that I even opened my closet. I couldn't figure out what to wear for work and didn't want to wear something that I've worn over and over again... So I opened my closet door and this dress was just hanging there and calling my name.

I'm pretty sure this was an Easter dress from a few years ago. And wearing it today I felt like I should've been at a spring picnic and not sitting at a desk for seven and a half hours. I needed a siesta by the time hour three rolled around and it wasn't even time for lunch... I think it's safe to say that a nine to five office job is just not for me if the normal five hours I work every day is too much for me.

I actually have a sea foam green vintage dress pretty similar to this one that I've worn to a few parties. (This one fits better, though.) I really like the sort of retro feel of it. Although it was clearly designed with taller people in mind. I might need to hem it a few inches in order to wear it with flats. (I just can't wear heels all the time to make dresses this length work for me...)
New York & Company dress
Target belt & sandals
Forever 21 cardigan

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