Monday, August 23, 2010

if I had a mustache...

More photos from the cabin! Yay! There were so many great places to take photos that I took lots and lots. So there'll probably be a whole bunch of recaps this week. Maybe next week too!

So my little brother is making an appearance in these photos. I think these ones are really funny actually, because his personality is definitely showing through all the way. Although he doesn't normally dress like this. They're his clothes, but he's sort of intentionally channeling our older brother with how he styled them. We joke around and call my older brother Choncho because of the facial hair he currently sports. I think my little brother is taking on an alternate personality very similar to Choncho in these pictures, while still being himself. If that makes sense...

The day we took these photos, the whole family had gotten fake mustaches as a joke. I love fake mustaches! I even have a set of my own up at school. These were fun, so we kept them on for the first part of the "photo shoot." So this is what I'd look like if I had a mustache. Pretty classy, huh?

sweater, top, & skirt from Forever 21
white Blowfish flats
Rayban sunglasses

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