Wednesday, August 11, 2010

tall girl

Guess who had to use hairspray today to keep her hair together?? My bangs weren't being very happy this morning... so i busted out the giant can of Aquanet I bought to tease my hair 80s style for my last high school choir concert (which was 80s-themed and required costumes) and conquered them!

On another note, I normally don't wear heels. Like ever. Even though I'm incredibly short by most people's standards (including my own), I tend to stick with flats. I'm a student. I walk all to classes every day during the school year. Wearing three-inch heels is just unrealistic! But I decided to dig these ones out for work today. I'm sitting down most of the day, so I figured 'why not?' So I was a "tall" person today!

The main reason behind wearing these shoes is because I got this dress in the mail yesterday. On an average-height person, it would be a bit long. On me, however, my legs look even shorter than they normally are. Or at least that's what my sister told me the minute I put it on last night. Apparently, I need to hem it really soon... I kinda like it longer though. So we'll see!
I felt like I should've been at a Fourth of July picnic instead of sitting in an office today. Put me in a park with friends and give me some watermelon, lemonade, and something barbecued (like ribs or a burger or something) and it'd be a perfect afternoon right now! I'll probably take this up to the lake when we go on vacation next week.
Modcloth dress
Forever 21 cardigan
old wedges I've had forever and can't remember where they're from...

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