Tuesday, August 10, 2010

lady sing the blues

When I was little, my mum always had a tendency to buy me mainly blue pieces of clothing. I don't really know why, but as I got older, I got annoyed that I didn't have more of a variety of colors. But as I've been going through my clothes this summer and getting rid of stuff I don't wear very much anymore, I've realized that the clothes that I wear the most nowadays just so happen to be... blue. I have blue skirts, blouses, dresses, sweaters... The only thing I don't own in blue are shoes, I think. Oh wait. I have blue sneakers... haha!

After my exciting day yesterday (I went to the finale of Last Comic Standing and met Kathy Griffin afterwards!), going into work earlier to make up for the hours I lost by not going yesterday was incredibly boring. I wish I didn't have to work...
top & sweater - Forever 21
"skirt" - Urban Outfitters
belt - Target
shoes - Modcloth

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