Tuesday, July 27, 2010

music in the park

I spent Sunday evening with my family at a local park for our last official night with our exchange students. It was nice being out of the house and just hanging out and being goofy/lazy with my brother and sister. And I got to debut my new romper as well! Although I was probably a bit over-dressed for a low-key night of "soft rock" at a park...

I don't eat them, but some friends brought about eight different kinds of deviled eggs to snack on for our whole group. And they were labeled in such a cute way that they needed to be photographed.

Only after it started to really get dark and people started leaving could my brother bust out the soccer ball. Earlier in the evening I tossed grapes for him to catch in his mouth to keep us all entertained. This one's probably one of the most epic pictures from the night!

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