Thursday, July 8, 2010

water parks and eye doctors!

My hair's really red today... Awesome!

I'm super excited about tomorrow!

Check out my backside!:

I think I look like a Who with really round cheeks in this one:

Hey look! Yet another entire outfit made up of pieces from Forever 21! Kick butt!

I'm ridiculously excited, though! I'm going to Raging Waters tomorrow! And the optometrist! Is it weird that I like going to the eye doctor? I don't like it when they put drops in my eyes (every time...!), but I still really like it. And my optometrist has this kind of grandma-ish waiting room with lots of aquariums and ceramic figurine sets of like gnomes and woodland creatures. Such an interesting place to get my eyes checked every year... haha!

Does it look like I have make-up on in these pictures? I don't think it does, but I totally do! But I think I've been leaning more towards "less" make-up (I don't think I can say cleaner or fresher because it's just... less). It's kind of just foundation and mascara now with a little bit of eyeliner every once in a while. Oh well. I suppose I don't look bad or anything...

Halo - Beyonce
gray Target flats
everything else from Forever 21 (yet again...)

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