Friday, July 2, 2010

it's all a gamble when it's just a game

I was wearing a skirt earlier today... But I wear skirts all the time, especially for work (which is about four days a week). So it's nice to just lounge around at home in shorts and loose, comfortable shirts. And it can get so stinkin' hot during the day! I actually took off this sweater after I got home because I just couldn't stand it.

I went to lunch today with my dad to his weekly Kiwanis meeting. I was supposed to go last Friday, but I ended up getting sick and couldn't hold much down until much later that day. So I went this week. It was interesting. They sang to me and all the other guests. And then we stopped by the bank on the way home to deposit my paycheck! Hooray money!

I'm wearing my sunglasses again because it's really sunny outside. But I also have a bit of an eye infection. Or something like that. It looks kinda bad, but it doesn't really hurt any more. It's definitely not very convenient though. I'm hoping it'll just go away by itself. I really don't want to go to the doctor...

So I featured this purse before, in like, October. I switched back to this beautiful thing in March because of my road trip home for Spring Break. It can seriously fit everything that I need. Everything! It definitely gets heavy when I put too much stuff in it, but it's just so handy! It can hold a sweater, multiple books, my camera, a journal (when I have one... I need a new one), and a multitude of random other things (Like a kazoo! Don't ask...). Did I mention that it's an amazing color too! Well, you can see that for yourselves... And I bought it about a year ago after years (well, maybe months and months...) of searching for the perfect purse!

You know those vuvuzelas that are "all the rage" because of the World Cup? Yeah, we have one (or two...). I don't even know why. But my brother busted this one out about a week ago and blows into it at least once every game that we watch. So this is from the beginning of the Uruguay-Ghana game earlier today. We have fun at my house. So much fun.

Paradise City - Guns & Roses ('cause it's playing in the other room on my dad's computer)
orange sweater, white top, necklace & grey shorts from Forever 21
purse from

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