Thursday, July 1, 2010

in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat

So... these were taken at two in the morning after everyone had gone to bed and I was about to go to bed myself. Hence the whole bathroom scenery. But this top is new! And it's not a work outfit. I get home from work in the evenings and generally throw on some shorts and a top to be comfortable and kind of distance myself from work. I really like my job, but the past week I haven't felt very motivated with what I wore to work.

This is also what I wore to pick up our first exchange student last night. I literally threw on the sweater, stepped into my shoes and ran out the door. We waited for the bus for maybe an hour before it got there, but I got to hang out with friends and goof off. And then a whole bunch of us went to In-n-Out for their first taste of California! We didn't get home until around 11:30. The rest of the exchange students are arriving at various times today (the Spanish students all came last night as the first wave). So our Russian boy gets in this afternoon while I'm at work, and then our Italian boy will be here late tonight. Exciting things are happening!

Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine
Forever 21 top & sweater
Target jean shorts

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