Monday, July 5, 2010

knew she'd have to come up soon for air

We went down to my grand parents' house at the beach this weekend for the Fourth and had a great time with the family. We played cards, ate lots of good food, and just enjoyed each other's company. Our exchange students had lots of fun too! And I finally met my newest cousin! I was beginning to think that he might not exist after never seeing him in person...

These pictures were taken by my little brother today when we took the ferry over to the beach. That's why my feet are kind of... missing. But he did a pretty good job of them, no? And I didn't even ask him to take them! He just kind of snatched my camera and started taking pictures of things! I think the first one might be my favorite.

The waves were huge! We weren't allowed to go in the water past our knees because they were so big and there were powerful rip tides that were too dangerous. We had to move back a few times even so that our towels and things didn't get drenched. It was kind of amazing to sit and watch the over six-feet-tall waves crash and break.

So now we're home and the week is about to finally begin. I came home to really excited dogs and a whole bunch of Facebook notifications. So Austin and I are watching Taking Woodstock and Mum's snoring on the couch. I almost don't want to go to work tomorrow; I just want this weekend to keep going forever and ever.

Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead
Forever 21 dress
Target swim suit

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