Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where'd the Skeleton Trees come from???

I feel like it's still 'Fall', but all the colors of this season that I'm used to (even back home in Southern California) have pretty much been drained out and replaced with varying shades of brown. Almost all the bright leaves from a few weeks ago have fallen off the trees already and the ones that are left are in that awkward 'can't decide to be green/yellow/red/brown' stage so they're not that pretty anymore. It's kind of bumming me out.... So Winter's definitely coming really fast. It's getting progressively colder and the trees have become skeletons for the most part (not the pine trees, they stay like that). So I had to bring some color to my day today. I finally got my green cardigan back from a friend so I've been wearing it quite a bit and I finally dug out the boots my mom brought up for me when she and my dad came up for Parents' Weekend a couple weeks ago. And I felt like wearing a dress today (I've been wearing jeans for too long....). I bought it for Homecoming actually. I've been meaning to wear it in a cute, every-day/slightly dressy way for a while. (It has POCKETS!!!!!)

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