Thursday, November 19, 2009

new places and old friends

So first off, I am registering for classes in about an hour. But there's issues with the web site so I'm kinda freaking out. Hopefully everything turns out okay and I can get the classes I need and want for the rest of the year.... yikes!

And second, I've been really anxious to go home since Fall Break (a few weeks ago). I know a lot of people up here that came to school with other people that they knew from their areas of from their own high schools. I'm the only one from my area or school up here. So I get kinda lonely. However, one of my friends from high school goes to the other university in town. We've been meaning to get together and hang out since school started, but we've never had the chance. Last night, though, I was driving around with some friends and we decided to have dinner at his school since we have the same meal plans and our food comes from the same company and it would all work out. So I called my friend and we decided to meet up and finally hang out. A whole bunch of scheduling conflict got in the way, but we finally managed to hang out around 9:00 last night after everything was said and done. It was a lot of fun to see him and talk and catch up. I was kinda jealous of the couches they have at the coffee shop at his school, but mine's smaller and the campus is less complicated, so I win! We had to wait for him for a little bit while he had a meeting, so my friend and I had an impromptu photo session with the statue of his mascot in front of the field there.

(we made "bull dog faces")
(oh! what big feet you have!)
(and then tried to ride on his back.... we're too short....)
(this is what I wore yesterday. I need a new coat. I wear this one everyday 'cause it's all I have for this weather. but I won't give up wearing skirts and dresses, even if it's 30 degrees all the time!)
what I wore: dress-Forever21 (modified into a skirt), tights-American Apparel (by way of my older brother), hooded peacoat-Alloy, ballet flats-American Eagle
(pictures taken at Gonzaga University)

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