Sunday, November 15, 2009

Registration is a Beast....

So it has been decided that registering for classes for Jan and Spring Terms pretty much kind of sucks. Why does this process have to be so confusing? And on top of that, why can't any of the classes that look interesting be at times that don't conflict with the classes I need and am taking during Spring Term?? I'm trying to find alternative classes and all of the ones that I would want to take in place of this one that I might not get into are at the same times as the other two that I'm most likely for sure taking if all goes well. I'm slightly freaking out. But there's time for registration freak-out later.

Right now, I have an essay and about 50+ pages of reading to finish for my Honors Reading class, an online survey for my Soc class, and math assignments to finish tonight. Yay....

On another note, Disney fruit snacks rock my world. Period.

(10 days 'till I go home for Thanksgiving!)

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