Wednesday, November 25, 2009

smooth sailing

Airports are interesting. Lots of people and luggage and me in the middle freaking out about check-in. And then I realized that it was actually very easy and got over it. Aside from check-in anxiety, I'm actually a bit of a pro when it comes to airports by now. I travel a lot. But this is my first time flying "solo." So far it's been fairly easy and I'm just hanging around until it's time to board in about 45 minutes. I've been up since 6:00 so I'm kinda tired, though. I'll definitely be sleeping on the plane. And reading War Without Mercy for my Pacific/Asian history class during my three hour wait in Portland. Or Othello. Othello isn't so dry. All that can really be certain for today is that I will be home by the end of it and there will be many a Nutri-grain bar eaten today. Cheers.

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