Friday, November 13, 2009

the first snow

IT'S SNOWING!!!!! I'm actually fairly excited about this. Despite the whole cold factor that comes along with the stuff.... It's the first snow of the season, and definitely not the last. This is just like baby snow for this area of Washington, so I've heard. There will definitely be a snowman battlefield on the front lawn of my dorm once there's enough snow. And snow angels. I'm kinda looking forward to the next few weeks of cold weather and snow before I go back home to fairly temperate Southern California for Thanksgiving and Christmas where we wear t-shirts and jeans for the most part during "winter." I have a feeling I'm going to feel quite a bit superior to everyone back home for about an hour while I tell tall tales of my snowy adventures at university in the exotic Pacific Northwest. They'll all be entranced by the wonders I've seen! (Not really.... My family goes skiing and snowboarding every year. They know snow.)

(The view from my window of the bit of snow on the ground.)
(You can't really see it, but the snow's falling. I hate my camera sometimes.....)

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