Friday, November 20, 2009

ending and beginning

Today marks the end of registration and the end of the tiring school week. Today, the weekend begins! So what do I do after my last class? I catch up on this week's episodes of Bones and Fringe on Hulu. They were really good too. I love those shows. I didn't really have much else to do. Everyone who had registration (one of my friends called it "regifrustration") today were busy selecting classes and stressing over the whole process.

Thankfully, everything worked out with my own registration yesterday. I was really thankful that I had transferred credits from my American Sign Language classes that I took in high school. There were a lot of classes that were full when everyone was registering tonight. So a lot of my friends are on waitlists. I got into all of the classes I registered for. It should be a good schedule. I'm getting some easy-ish classes out of the way for my major and one of my minors. And I'm taking a SHAKESPEARE course!!!! I was so glad I got into that class! I'm just kinda bummed the Creative Writing class I wanted was full.... I've been dying to take one for forever since they never offered them at my high school. But I'll just take it next year.

(watching Bones and Fringe)

(it was a very relaxed day today. a jeans and t-shirts and cardigans kind of day)
"It is important that students bring a certain rafamuffin, barefoot irreverence to their studies"
~Jacob Chanowski
(it's an old Juicy Couture perfume ad but my friends ripped it out of an old magazine and gave it to me because it reminded them of me and we were being goofy at our dorm activity that night. but I really like it anyway. I loved that campaign with all the colors and whimsy and funky stuff going on. I taped it to the wall.)
(current book for my Honors Reading class. the newest Toni Morrison. I like it. it's different compared to all the other American Slave Narratives/Fiction that is out there already. she set it in the early days of slavery, not around the Civil War like most others.)
(I love love love pockets. in anything. especially cardigans and dresses.)
(trying new camera angles....)
what I wore: shirt-Alloy, striped cardigan-Target, skinny jeans-Pac Sun, bracelet-Forever21

(5 days 'till I go home for Thanksgiving!!!)

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