Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swimming through a sea of textbooks and portable coffee cups....

Greetings from the Kingdom of Study! I have lots to do over the next few weeks before Thanksgiving break so I'm essentially stuck in my room for long hours reading books and studying for exams (like the one I have in Sociology tomorrow....). But the good news is that the clothes I ordered from Alloy came in the mail yesterday! I got tights and a new shirt, so I excitedly wore my new tights today. Sadly, I really only went to the cafeteria, my history class, the computer lab, and my dorm today so they didn't really get to be showcased, but I've got all year to wear them. I took a study break to fix my camera's self-timer and get some pictures of what I wore today though and to photographically catalog how much I have to do tonight. Ugh. There's so much....

(my bed is comfier than your bed. period.)

(History, Sociology, Honors Reading, and Pre-Calculus..... oh my)

(this picture was an accident, but I really liked it because of the depth and the details it shows from the hem of my dress.)
dress, cardigan, & necklace: Forever21, tights: Alloy

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